Lions set school record, score points at CPS Varsity Championships

Saturday, May 9 2015 - Chicago Public League Varsity Championships

The girls 4x800m relay team set a school record of 10:55.88 - beating the previous record 10:58 - at the Chicago Public League Varsity Championship on Saturday. The team, run by Alyssa Hui, Dana Randall, Zuzanna Domozyu and Ruby Flores, finished well enough to score in 6th place. Additionally, the girls scored points in the 1600m run and the 4x400. Hui, who entered the mile seeded 11th, finished the race in a scoring position of 8th place. Ruby Flores also improved her seeded position by one spot, finishing 10th overall. 

On the boy's side of things, the 4x800 ran 8:37.63 - good for 4th place. Emmanual Onoh, finished 4th overall with a time of 11.32. 

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