Alyssa Hui Breaks 19-year Old Record, Runs 5:44.81

Friday, May 1 2015 - Alyssa Hui

Wednesday, April 29, 1990 - St. Ignatius High School
Alyssa Hui broke the 19-year old 1600m record this past Wednesday with a time of 5:44.81 - beating the previous mark of 5:45.92 by more than a second. The conditions were a crisp 48 degrees with little wind under the St. Ignatius stadium lights, setting the stage for a fast race. 
Alyssa made her move for the win with about 250 meters to go and took hold of the lead with an aggressive surge. Though she placed second, Alyssa was thrilled with her new PR and school record, all while keeping her eyes set on breaking the 5:40 mark by the end of the year. 
The meet was a fast and successful one, as our Lions collectively set 18 personal records in three different events. As the Chicago Public School Varsity Championship Series approaches, the Lions look forward to a strong finish to a wonderful season so far. 
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